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GPL Patches


Here you can find all important GPL patches for all mods:


Here you can download the new Rasterizer v2 (essential for new mods and tracks):
Replacement Rasterizers (D3D, OpenGL)


GPLPS GPL Installer


When reinstalling GPL, the easiest way is to use the
GPLPS GPL Installer
to update GPL to the latest version!

The GPLPS GPL installer includes:
- all Papyrus patches (,
- Carsound patch,
- Bandwidth patch,
- Pribluda,
- GPL.exe Patch Inspector,
- Teamfix patch,
- Team logos,
- BAPOM track programs,
- GPLEA car updates,
- Track updates of various authors.

Here you can find instructions for installing GPL and mods:
GPL Easy Installation Guide (English)


The All-In-One Patch v2 is not required,
if you use the above GPLPS GPL installer!


GPL All-In-One Patch v2

GPL All-In-One Patch (UK, US, GER, FR)

This patch installs the GPL patch, Direct3D patch, OpenGL patch, CPU Speed Fix Patch (= patch), Disconnect Fix in the correct order, as well as a core. ini with optimized defaults and starts the game in D3D mode instead of software mode.

The GPLPS GPL Installer and the All-In-One Patch Version 2 already includes the Carsound and Bandwidth Patch!

Tip: With the GPL.exe Patch Inspector of Bernd Nowak you can test if GPL is patched.


The Carsound Patch is not needed,
if you use the above GPLPS GPL installer!


Carsound Patch

To install sound updates you need to install the Carsound Patch by Nigel Pattinson.

Note: The GPLPS GPL Installer and the All-In-One Patch Version 2 already includes the Carsound and Bandwidth Patch!


The All-In-One Patch v2 is not required,
if you use the above GPLPS GPL installer!


Bandwidth Patch (for online races)

The Bandwidth Patch increases the number of visible vehicles in front and behind the car during online races. It also allows the server to use any combination of the number of vehicles instead of the standard 75%/25% division. It is a prerequisite for many servers to participate in online races.

Note: The GPLPS GPL Installer and the All-In-One Patch Version 2 already includes the Carsound and Bandwidth Patch!

Copy the Bandwidth Patch into the GPL directory (X: \... \SIERRA\gpl) and run it, type "1" for Patch Status and press ENTER, then type "X" to exit and press "ENTER".

The core. ini of GPL (X: \... \Sierra\gpl\core. ini) should contain the following entries:

[ Communications ]
alternate_ip_addr_lookup=1              ; Find IP addresses another way
                                                          0 = No alternate lookup *  1 = Use alternate way
bcast_augment_status=0                   ; Prepend status with IP address?
bcast_listserv=                                  ; IP address of race list server
bcast_listserv_req=                           ; Empty string, or start with '?'
bcast_listserv_req_freq=10.000000     ; Request race list frequency
bcast_ping_disable=0                         ; Disable response to pings
bcast_ping_port=0                             ; Ping port number (0=default)
bcast_port=0                                     ; Broadcast port number (0=default)
bcast_recv_disable=0                         ; Disable broadcast reception
bcast_send_disable=0                        ; Disable sending broadcasts
bcast_send_freq=4.000000                 ; Broadcast frequency (seconds)
clock_adj_delay=8                             ; How often may client adjust clock?
                                                           Only used when synch_method = 0 (see [ Tasks ]) original=4  in version 1.1 
disable_ipx=0                                     ; Disable IPX support
disable_modem=0                              ; Don't look for/use modems
disable_network=0                              ; Disable network support
disable_tcp_ip=0                                 ; Disable TCP/IP support
ignore_net_read_errors=1                   ; Don't disco if error reading pkt
ignore_net_send_errors=1                   ; Don't disco if error sending pkt
ip_addr_lookup_timeout=2                   ; Timeout to find own IP address. Default = 2 sec.
log_server_comm_errors=0                  ; Log errors for client channels?
log_server_connect_status=0                 ; Issue messages as clients connect
mem_client_send_every=3                    ; Client packet freq via memory
mem_client_send_size=84                     ; Client packet size via memory
mem_server_send_every=3                  ; Server packet freq via memory
mem_server_send_size=384                 ; Server packet size via memory
net_lan_client_send_every=3                ; Client packet freq on LAN
net_lan_client_send_size=84                 ; Client packet size on LAN
net_lan_server_send_every=3               ; Server packet freq on LAN
net_lan_server_send_size=384              ; Server packet size on LAN
net_mdm_client_send_every=3              ; Client packet freq on dialup
net_mdm_client_send_size=84               ; Client packet size on dialup
net_mdm_server_send_every=3             ; Server packet freq on dialup
net_mdm_server_send_size=384            ; Server packet size on dialup

net_server_port=0                                  ; Server port number (0 = default)
net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=1    ; Use modem bandwidthfor TCP/IP - 1 = Use net_mdm_ settings *
;net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=0   ; Use modem bandwidthfor IPX    - 0 = Use net_lan_ settings

show_meters = 0      ; 0 = Off *  1 = On    Alt-m to toggle